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Driving Excellence in Auto Transportation

Your Trusted Car-Hauling Partners Since 2004!

Your Trusted

Continuous Tracking Of Vehicle, From Pick Up To Delivery
Express Hauling Available for Runners & Non-Runners

Our Services


Express Hauling

We are Ontario and Quebec specialists, providing swift and efficient transportation for both runners and non-runners alike. We take pride in the prompt arrival of your vehicles, without delay.

Tracked deliveries

Dealers & Auctions:
Direct Transfers

Seamless pick-up and drop-off services directly to/from dealerships, auctions or fellow car dealers, simplifying the process for you.

Ask about New Dealer rebates up to $100

Rural & Residential

Struggling to find transport for remote areas? Need a residential drop-off or pickup? Wathier has you covered. We specialize in reaching even the most secluded destinations, ensuring reliable and timely delivery. 


Multi-Vehicle Savings

Are you planning to transport three or more vehicles to and from the same locations? Take advantage of exclusive bulk savings with our tailored discounted offers. 

3+ Car Bulk Savings

Proudly Transporting Vehicles Across Canada

With over 18 years of experience, Wathier is your go-to choice for reliable automobile transport services. Operating across Ontario and Quebec, as well as providing nationwide transport services, we are your reliable choice to get the job done.


At Wathier, we always maximize our truck's capacity, allowing us to offer incentives and bulk discounts. We are your trusted auto delivery partners who have a reputation for being punctual and affordable. Let's get hauling!

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